About us


From the very early start days of the firm, the name Hekker has always been synonymous with craftsmanship. This still holds true today: it is a very important part of our identity. Our vision is to maintain clear and quick communication with our customers. We are a production company with coordinating and engineering skills and have the necessary skills to solve complex issues having to do with interior construction. We'd like to think of ourselves as a bridge between design concept and realisation. We’ve worked with thousands of clients, we’ve made thousands of products, which millions of people have used, on, for example, Schiphol Airport. We’re used to developing and refining concepts in construction and thinking rationally in aesthetic solutions. We are a full-concept specialist in interior construction, always keeping the final objectives of our clients in mind.


HEKKER is a specialist in wide variety of jobs for the hospitality sector, hotels, offices, individual home owners and hospitality or sanitary projects for airports. We work together with architects, coops, contract partners at Schiphol and with clients who are looking for highly customized jobs or items. We mainly focus on the professional hospitality market and our main job focus is companies. These can be for either large projects e.g. the VU Amsterdam, as well as for smaller missions like a kiosk at Schiphol Airport for HMS Host. From our location in Sassenheim, Netherlands, we utilize a number of different departments ranging from project managing and engineering in our office, to machining in our workshop and fabrication and assembly in our roughly 3000 m2 of work space. We are a medium sized organisation consisting of a work force of around thirty people in sales, finance, engineering, manufacturing and mechanical processes and we also work with a reliable team of flexible manufacturers and assembly/construction staff. Not a day goes by that we do not try to improve on our products and services.

Hekker since 1983

Leading managing directors of Hekker are Ron Hekker and Edwin Laarman. Through years of experience they have gained the necessary skillset to lead an organization such as ours successfully. The original founder of the company is Nico Hekker, who is still involved in financial management as well as in highly customized specialty sales. His children Ron Hekker and Maryn Hekker have been involved with the company for a great many years and bring their specific knowledge in construction and interior architecture. We strive to be an intelligent organisation that takes design to a higher level in both engineering and implementation. Our team of construction and assembly personnel are a key facet of our organization and their contribution in the overall process of projects is not to be underestimated. We’re focused on having and maintaining a healthy work environment where mutual respect, humor and sharing knowledge together is paramount.

Quick Respond Management

As Hekker, we are always looking for more efficient ways to work and communicate with our team as well as our clients. In 2018, we introduced a strategic model called QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing). Its purpose is to optimise our lead time from sales to final result. It is all about working more effectively, with shorter communication lines and less time in between the various stages of the process. An added benefit of this is that we are able to upscale our quality even more, which makes the overall effort more satisfying for everyone involved.

From sales to assembly, we now all work in different project teams, each with their own manager,  who in turn get the job done for the next team in the line of progression.


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