As Hekker, we offer a full-concept service right from engineering design down to manufacturing. We coordinate our services and perform building and assembly of our products while always retaining full responsibility for planning and process. Our services are wide and varied, but they always start and end by using the concept originally delivered by (interior) architect(s). This is then further developed and refined by project management, work planners and then ultimately constructed and put in place by staff highly specialized in interior construction. In close cooperation with the assigned architect, we further develop and engineer the concept using state-of-the-art 2D and 3D systems. Shop drawings are created with precise measurements for computer controlled cutting and CNC milling machines. Construction starts once shop drawings have been approved. By combining automation with craftsmanship, an extremely high quality final result is achieved. HEKKER is devoted to quality and service for all our work.

We know the importance of speedy after-installation service and all our work comes with a guarantee that we will promptly deliver on just that.


Hekker is specialized in the delivery of  the following five services:

(1) Project management (2) Engineering (3) Production (4) Assembly (5) Service & Maintenance

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